Yosemite Falls with Blossoms

We were hiking along the Mighty Merced one evening and saw this great apple tree in full bloom all by itself along the river. There is nothing like blossom time in Yosemite. And getting to see Yosemite Falls in full swing thru it's leaves is a bonus. Original watercolor is not so pink. It is 12 x 18 and in the private collection of Suzanne and Dan Jensen.

A view of the falls thru an apple tree

Lyell and Maclure, Yosemite

I just love the picture of these two old friends in the Yosemite backcountry. When I first started doing watercolors, I would saturate the entire surface with color and forget to use my whites. I started using a resist and just love the effect of drawing with it. It is just like doodling but is a watercolor.

Yosemite Backcountry, Lyell Glacier

Snow Creek Falls From Across the Way

I love visiting Snow Creek Falls when it is roaring. Original watercolor is 12 x 18 and is the private collection of Arno & Rebecca Dietzler.

from the hidden falls trail

Falls at Glen Aulin

This is the Falls that you experience at camp. The photo for this was taken in late summer when the water was low. Some camp helper had stacked rocks along the bank. I love sitting next to that falls when it is roaring and when it is trickling.

late summer falls, Glen Aulin HSC

Pink is falling

My version of Horsetail Falls. It is always fun to go watch all the people out waiting for that perfect lit up picture of the falls around the middle of February. It has become quite the party nowadays. Original watercolor is 9 x 12. Available for sale.

Yosemite's natural Firefall

Lower Yellowstone Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

From a trip we did in November of '08. The first time I saw Thomas Moran's first watercolors documenting the region, I fell in love with his paintings. Of course I don't paint like him but I loved his view of this same area from Artist's Point. This is in the collection of Alice Harten. The Original Watercolor is 10 x 14.

Yellowstone National Park

Tuolumne Meadows, Early Summer

A view from the bridge near Parson's Lodge. We took a walk one evening early in the season before anyone was allowed to stay. In the private collection of Laura Kohler and Dave Parker, Original watercolor is 9 X 12

Tuolumne Meadows